About Us

Curious. Focused. Dynamic.

Digital TLJ is a DPIIT Recognized Start-up and is the best Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad with the main focus on SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing and providing website design and development services.

We’re all about getting your brand the credit it deserves.

Are you a Start-up?

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Our niches include Real Estate and Small Start-ups with big dreams!

Our curiosity goes a bit deeper. Our assignments are a little more challenging. And the work we prize is, well, different. You see, we’re a young and talentedbunch who can’t wait to dig into emerging technologies and processes from companies that have the potential to change the world.We are proud of our previous assignments and the enriching experience we have gained from each in the different sectors of the industry like- Import/ Export, Interiors, Furniture, E- commerce, Organic Farming, Food Industry, Restaurant Chain and many more..

Our aim is to breathe life into brands like no other agency.

Why Digital TLJ

Our agency combines divergent skillsets and services that work together to create your brand’s whole image. From our integrated campaigns to immersive experiences, the sum total of all our skills makes us unique.

We ensure customer satisfaction through our professional marketing strategies based on client requirements and industry type.

  • Our Tools are the strongest – Innovation and Technology.
  • We understand nothing but Profit.
  • We are designed with expertise and knowledge.
  • Your growth is our growth.

We believe that social media is a force to be reckoned with, it has become a space for everyone, from individuals to MNC’s to express themselves. Our company will help your organization claim a huge chunk of this space.

We know that we will win by working together to synergize an environment where ideas meet performance. 

Digital TLJ makes your Brand Reach the TOP!

Our Team

We are a Team that inspires one another, we support, create & achieve together!

Prakhar Vyas

Director of Digital TLJ

He is result oriented and multi- tasker.His ideology is simple, “Everything that we do should give the best results or it’s just not worth doing.”

Dhruv Thakkar

Director of Digital TLJ

Meet the dedicated director of this digital world. He is multi-faceted. He Lives, Dreams, Walks Digital TLJ! His go to words, “Team, I need Updates!”

Jaydeep Zala


Meet the one-man army who loads the company with new business clients every week. Extremely helpful and always jolly even in the most stressful situations.

Drashti Patel

Client Relationship manager

The person with a smile. Her Superpower- Balances the client and the creatives in perfect harmony even in the toughest of situations.

Dhanvi Mathur

Content Writer

Slaying with words is her superpower. She has a genuine disdain for bad grammar and weak diction. Her words bring life to brands.

Our Approach


We understand the speciality about your brand and how it can be best positioned for fruitful advantages and future opportunities.


We understand the speciality about your brand and how it can be best positioned for fruitful advantages and future opportunities.

Brand strategy

Creative ideas that are welcomed,shared and which drive results.Our work goes far beyond internet marketing agencies. This includes not only search engine optimization or social media, but also branding and building a reputation for your website and products and services.

Lead Generation

Our business is to follow your website in all available ways. Through our unremitting efforts, we not only manage the top position of large search engines but also maintain this position and provide leads