Case Studies

Tulja Estate

How do we make something as formal as real estate look and feel interesting? That is the question we asked ourselves when we got the TULJA Estate pvt. Ltd. contract. So to make it look less formal and more simple we decided to first understand the basic philosophy of the company. We researched a lot from our side about the services and the real estate business and also studied the demographics and psychographics. Finally the result was a campaign which was more inclusive in its approach, by inclusive we mean something that all the people can understand and relate to, and list of services simplified and spoon-fed to you.

Studio Inshore

It is very important for start-ups to have an online presence these days. Even before you start making your products you have to start promoting them online and make it known amongst people about your product.

But when your product is design-based and there is no product let alone a prototype ready it is baffling to decide that what to post and how to start creating an audience.  This is what happened to us when we got the Studio Inshore contract. It is a new interior designing firm with creative ideas and rock-like dedication. It was a start-up then and didn’t have any work to display. But we took the challenge and decided to start a promotional campaign without using any products. We posted theme-based stories such as elements series, interior tips and hacks. For every story, we used a colour palette that would be consistent through the series. The result was truly phenomenal. We got a great response from the audience and also from our clients. We managed to attract a great number of followers without posting anything about the client’s work. Now with numerous projects under its belt Studio Inshore has emerged as one of the best Interior Design studios in Ahmedabad.

Desi Crafters

Because of the rise in Digital Marketing everyone is now on the space and claiming their bit. No matter what your product is, it is going to be marketed online. Similar thing happened with Garba events. This year’s Navratri saw a huge increase in online promotion of Garba events. Because of our creativity and hard work we found ourselves associated with RED RAAS which is the biggest and most known Garba event of the town, organized by the very famous Radio Station RED FM.

We got this contract just few days before the main event. While every other Garba event in town had their social media campaigns up and running, we were yet to design one. But in no time we created one after a lot of scratching of heads and fiddling around. We took the road never taken and thought outside of the textbooks we have learnt from and in no time RED RAAS’ Instagram and Facebook page became one of the most followed and mentioned pages in Ahmedabad. We held unique crowd-pulling contests, made engaging posts and placed our ads during the right hours and at the right place. Events like these have taught us things like the importance of thinking outside the box, time management and prioritising.