Digital TLJ utilizes design driven, strategic and handy tools and methodologiesin order to assist organisations understand their target audience, the behaviour of consumer, data-driven research, brand vision, actionable marketing strategy, sales driven forecasting, technology planning and sustainable business modelling. We make brands understand why it is important to enter the digital world with the help of statistics.

Dhruv Thakkar is working as a Digital Marketing Consultant to show you an honest and genuine way to reach the pinnacle of social media marketing and put forth your best game on the digital platform. We consult businesses and individuals for their Personal Branding. Current day brands possess a complex challenge in terms of positioning and distinguishing themselves. We believe that a brand with a backstory and a purpose can never be copied as the consumer is always looking for connected experiences from brands. It is extremely crucial to design your Personal Brand with a futuristic approach that is always relevant in the market.

Our approach is practicality but with principles, which is an immediate response to the expanding multifaceted nature of current technology and modern businesses. Our strategy is not a buzz word, but followed by actionable framework. We are good at posing the right questions to our client that help them design sustainable business for all stakeholders.