Multi Level Marketing MLM

An eye catching, but secured and user friendly member panel is the major requirement for any MLM Business. Our chain marketing software VENTAFORCE software provides you a secured member panel with all contemporary features.
Sign Up Module
Sign Up or Registration is the most important part of any software. As the member or user entered all his details at the time of registration so everybody requires to maintain a high security measure at the time of Sign Up. Our software solution has a strong and completely secured login wall with an encrypted password facility. It also provides the facility to capture the login IP address.
Dynamic Desktop
VENTAFORCE software provides a dynamic desktop management facility to its member through which one can easily personalize his desktop with stunning styles and appearance based on individual choice and taste. This affiliate marketing software module displays notifications like recent news, commission, payout details, achievements, membership status, downline status and many more.
Payment Option
Our chain marketing software solution named Ventaforce supports different payment options like prepaid vouchers (also known as E PIN), cash, DD, cheque payment and various payment gateways.
For success in business, one needs to track his current business situation regularly. Keeping this in mind, we add the genealogical structure in our affiliate marketing software most user friendly. Genealogy structure in graphical representation form & numerous reports helps anyone to grasp his business status within a fraction of seconds
Payout Summary
Our Ventaforce software provides the facility to a distributor to get updated about his earnings (net/gross income), different deductions (Tax, Auto shipping, Admin charge and others). The member can also view all these reports in an income statement.
There are endless utilities available in the distributor module of our chain marketing software solution. It also provides facilities like profile management, internal communication, raise a support ticket for queries, Notifications module, Refer a friend, Personalized Banner, Chatting Wall, & Personalized Banner.
The admin back office is the most important module in chain marketing software. Each and every important task is done in this module. Our software solution provides different management facilities in the admin module.
Distributorship and Business Management
Admin can view the growth of the whole business along with any individual member. The admin has the right to confirm or reject any membership, update/renew membership, block/unblock any id and many more. Our software also provides you the facility to track the product and package sales by using different filters.
Product and Order Management
Ventaforce software gives permission to the admin to run Product Ordering & Management unconventionally. It allows admin to add or remove products and packages, raise orders to suppliers, manage the stock and undertake logistic and auto ship as well as covering the detailed product tax management.
Commission Engine
Accurate commission calculates is the backbone of any MLM business. The most powerful commission engine ever which enables you to define different parameter such as-Commission level; Amount, percentage, Reward structure etc. Now you can have a detailed analysis of commission payout including minute to minute details of commission payout all this is within a fraction of minutes.
Payout Management
This module allows quick payout calculation, a grouping of payout, verification of payout, analysis of payout, income statement and many related reports. The analysis of payout helps the admin to get an idea about the company’s growth and financial position. In this module, all the reports related to commission details, commission summary, capping details are saved through which the admin can track the business.
E-pin/Prepaid Voucher Management
Through this handy utility the admin can create multiple vouchers based on products, generate E-Pins under voucher, block e pin, and manage the reports like e-pin stock, e-pin request, used/unused e-pins etc.
Web Manager
Ventaforce has a real-time web manager facility to manage the news and updates, events, upload images and videos, FAQ and Achievers list.
Utilities and Settings
Our software also provides different utilities and settings for the admin to run the business smoothly. Some of these are communication management, document management, Updating Company Information, Create Roles & users, live chat configuration, Sms and Email notification Change Genealogy icons, Localization (Date format, Currency, custom date-time) & many other necessary settings.

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